Discover our brand new Marketing Automation Editor

Create engaging, real-time experiences to better interact with your customers.

Online as of September 16.

A very flexible drag-and-drop interface

For a simplified, more ergonomic, and above all intuitive use!

Based on the concept of the whiteboard, you get a large workspace in which to deposit the elements of your scenario. 

Use the 2 panels on each side of the interface to add nodes, edit the content and see the results in detail. 

Multi-trigger scenarios

Maximize customer engagement

Multiply the rules that will trigger your scenarios to reach as many contacts as possible, and create simple to complex sequences.

A novelty that few marketing automation tools offer on the market! 

New integrated channels for a multi-channel tool

Multiply the touchpoints with different targets by creating synergy between channels.

Our tool now includes the automated sending of SMS for both promotional and administrative campaigns.

Automated web push notifications are also available, with a new node to amplify the engagement of your visitors on the web.

Need to reach your contacts via a more traditional means such as mailings? Dialog Insight's tool will allow you to access the data quickly and easily.

Stay tuned! Mobile Push support will be coming soon!

New pre-defined or custom templates

More flexibility in response to your needs

You have full autonomy by working with templates. 

The new interface offers complete, proven scenarios for setting up typical campaigns, such as a welcome or anniversary campaign. 

Have fun!

More complete and elaborate statistics

Be better equipped to analyze the impact of your marketing efforts by constantly optimizing them 

Plan your campaigns better, and understand your customers' behaviors by watching:

  • Sending by channel;
  • The ending nodes of Success and Abandonment;
  • The number of contacts during scenarios.

Upgrade to the new editor now!

Increase your autonomy with an even more flexible platform!

Maximize engagement and amplify your customers' experience by multiplying touch points under different channels.

Optimize your decision-making and planning process by accessing more statistics!

Save time with a faster and more intuitive creation process.

The old interface will still be available for those who want a more gradual transition to the new tool.

Live demo

Discover these changes more concretely by participating in our live demo based on the new marketing automation tool.

October 1st, 2020, from 12:00 p.m. to 1 p.m. - EDT

Can't make it? Register anyway to receive the recorded version!

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