Discover the Improvements to our Email Editor

We listened and improved the UI/UX of our application for a smoother and more efficient experience.

A new look and a faster way to edit content!

Navigation and Automatic Save

  1. The exit option to return at the email list is at the left of your document name.
  2. The navigation between emails is at the top right.
  3. The display mode is presented as a dropdown menu.
  4. The possibility to switch from one content block to another with one click is at your disposal. Changes are saved automatically, use the "previous backups" option to navigate between past versions (see below for demonstration). 
Demonstration point 4

Menu Improvements

  1. It isn't just the colors! A graphic element now shows that you can change the order in which your options are displayed.
  2. Some configuration options have been grouped together to reduce the number of items in the menu. 
  3. We have added a description to the available content blocks, which you can drag and drop to add to your document.
  4. The image library has been redesigned to make it easier to use.
Librairie d'images

The Send Page also Changed to Resemble the Editor

Nouvelle page d'envoi
  1. The navigation stays similar to the editor's navigation.
  2. The left side of the page is reserved for previewing and validating the email.
  3. The right side allows you to prepare for the deployment.


  • A shortcut to the communication type selection has been created.

Did you know?

It is possible to create a menu on the right by dragging a bloc to the right side.

This menu can be closed or open to give more space.

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