Discover the Improvements to the Email List!

We applied new standards to the email list to find emails faster and navigate more efficiently.

A centralized location and simplified navigation to find and create emails easily!

Centralized Location

  1. Archived messages appear in the same list without having to switch pages using the filters. 
  2. Sent and pending emails are grouped in one list to quickly see and or edit messages.
  3. A new checkbox at the top of the email list shows that the list supports multiselection for actions such as compare or cumulate statistics, archive, unarchive, or delete.
  4. The "Configure" menu in the top right allows quick access to the email configurations.

Simplified Navigation

  1. The button to create an item is now at the right of the module title. 
  2. A filtering option allows to easily find emails based on name, tags, communication type, creator and more.
  3. The option to switch pages or choose the number of items displayed is at the bottom. 
  4. Display options are underneath the "Configure" menu. The chosen display and any filters applied remain the same across different sessions.

Coming Soon!

The email creation page is next and will complete our redesign of the email experience. 

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