Organize your content effectively with our Asset library!

Dialog Insight platform is always looking for ways to better meet your needs, especially in this difficult economic situation with limited resources.

To simplify and centralize the management of your content (pictures, texts, etc.) our team has developed an Asset library.

What is the purpose of using an Asset library?

The Asset library is a collection of digital content, similar to an image library.

However, there are certain distinctions worth highlighting. For instance, the asset may be presented in a variety of formats: an image with text, a text with a button, a simple text, a simple image, etc.

The information used to create assets has a particular value and a certain lifetime. This content may be edited and used again in various marketing campaigns. This library can be distributed to several participants to enhance collaboration.


Evaluation of your content's performance

Collaboration between your teams is easier.

Save time and money

Simplified editing

  • Create a variety of personalized assets to suit your needs
  • Create multilingual assets
  • Schedule release dates
  • Use tags to filter your assets.                             

Easy access and quick integration

  • Drag and drop an Asset block directly into your emails 1
  • Access the asset library content in the email editor quickly and easily1
  • Manage access rights and share content created by your teams.


1Available in the new emails made using DI templates.

Detailed analysis of performance

  • Evaluate the overall performance for each assets used.
  • Examine the results of an asset sent in a specific email.
  • Export the results

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